Recent updates from QSM
Apr 16, 2021

Released Addon: QSM Logic 2.0.1

  • Fixed problems while upgrading database on auto updating plugins
Apr 13, 2021

Release version 7.1.15

QSM core 7.1.15
Bug: Fixed SQL errors due to which questions were disappearing from some old quizzes.
Bug: Fixed [qsm_result] shortcode format in results page.
Bug: Fixed the issue with incorrect points while using Latex commands along with the anchor tags in the rich answers.

Logic Addon 2.0.0
Feature: Added option to bulk delete logic rules.
Feature: Added option to search logic rules.
Enhancement: New admin UI to create and manage logic rules.
Enhancement: Upgraded database schema for better performance.

Advanced Leaderboard 1.0.11
Bug: Fixed the logic of sorting result based on time parameter.

User Dashboard 1.1.9
Bug: Fixed issue where certificate link was missing

Mar 26, 2021

Released Add on : QSM Certificate 1.0.10


  • Feature: Added SVG format for logo and background.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of line breaks not visible in PDF.
Mar 25, 2021

Released version 7.1.14


* Bug: Fixed security and Vulnerability issues.

* Bug: Fixed the inability to recognize correct answer for Question type Paragraph.

* Bug: Fixed the bug question not displaying on choosing random questions option.

* Bug: Fixed the issue [latex] shortcode not working on retake quiz.

* Enhancement: Added the feature of soft delete of questions from quiz.

* Enhancement: Improved UI of Quiz Edit Page header.


[ QSM - Leaderboards 1.0.4 ]

* Bug: Fixed the issue of incorrect mapping of quiz result in csv file.

[QSM - Extra Template Variables 1.1.4 ]

* Fixed the issue with %USER_ANSWER_DEFAULT% variable.

[Advanced Leaderboard 1.0.10]

* Fixed the issue with time_taken parameter in shortcode

QSM Aweber Integration 1.2.1]:

* Fixed the issue of Subscribe checkbox not displayed when pagination in Questions tab.

* Fixed the issue of mail ID not being added to Aweber list even when subscribe checkbox is enabled.

[EXPORT Results 1.4.5]

* Fixed the issue of incorrect mapping of quiz result in csv file.

[EDD 2.0.4]

* Bug: Fixed the issue of all  EDD products not showing on integration page.

Feb 23, 2021

Released version 7.1.12

  • Bug: Fixed prevention of SQL injection while using result shortcode and question bank.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of broken [latex] shortcode in result and user dashboard page.
  • Enhancement: Added option to end the quiz if answer is wrong.
  • Enhancement: Added option to turn off the HTML auto complete.
  • Enhancement: Modified background color to fix contrast ratios from SEO perspective
Jan 27, 2021

Released version 7.1.11

  •  Bug: Fixed Jquery issue while editing the result page.
  •  Bug: Added string translation for %POLL_RESULTS_X% variable.
  •  Bug: Fixed incorrect score while using point value with decimal.
  •  Enhancement: Added link support in contact field label.
  •  Enhancement: Added HTML support in email tab.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to add link in Hint field.
  •  Enhancement: Added support for HTML tags in Correct answer info field.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to view roadmap
  •  Enhancement: Added option to delete questions from database.
  •  Enhancement: Changed the quiz status by default to Draft.