2 months ago

Released Core 8.2.1

Core 8.2.1

We have released QSM Core version 8.2.1. This version update contains the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes that make QSM more secure:

  • Feature: Added option to delete bulk questions
  • EnhancementsImproved logic for handling quiz videos to pause them when switching pages.
  • Bug: Resolved JavaScript conflicts
  • Bug: Fixed translation issue on quiz result page
2 months ago

Released Addon Update

📊 Reporting and Analysis

We have released Reporting and Analysis 2.0.8. This version update contains the following bug fix that makes the Reporting and Analysis addon more stable and user-friendly:

  • Bug: Fixed calculation logic with multiple response question type
3 months ago

Released Core 8.2.0 and Addons

Core 8.2.0

We have released QSM Core version 8.2.0. This version update contains the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes that make QSM more secure:

  • Feature: Added an option to customise the text of deselect answer button
  • Feature: Added option to duplicate a quiz along with the theme settings
  • Enhancements: Improved login form validations
  • Enhancements: Improved performance by optimizing cookies management
  • Bug: Fixed issue related to limiting random questions by category
  • Bug: Resolved an issue with images and video tags in the correct answer info section

🧩  Addons

Save and Resume (1.1.5)

  • Enhancement: Added text translation support on the save and resume buttons

Export Results (1.6.0)

  • Feature: Added an option to set the page size of PDF results.
  • Feature: Added an option to hide quiz titles in PDF results.

Extra Template Variables (1.2.2)

  • Bug: Fixed PHP warning in %QUESTION_ANSWER_INCORRECT% variable

User Dashbboard (2.0.3)

  • Bug: Fixed JS error with inline result

Reporting and Analysis (2.0.7)

  • Bug: Fixed PHP warning on result page

WooCommerce Integration (1.0.2)

  • Bug: Fixed issue with license key validation
  • Bug: Fixed issue with plugin update notification
3 months ago

🚀 Introducing MailerLite Integration for your quizzes and surveys  ✉️

👋 Hello Quiz Masters

We're thrilled to share the release of one of the most demanded integration addons for the QSM plugin, the MailerLite Integration Addon! Step up your email marketing plans with QSM and MailerLite.

Imagine effortlessly collecting quiz data and automating your subscriber list with just a few clicks. Whether you're a MailerLite user conducting quizzes or a quiz enthusiast looking to step up your game, this addon is your secret sauce for personalized email marketing success!

🔑 Key Benefits:

🌟Dynamic Content Groups: MailerLite Integration empowers you to send different quiz data to separate groups effortlessly. It helps you plan and define your content strategy effectively without the chaos of data.

 Score and Points Personalization: Crafting personalized email copies is an art. Now, it's simple! Collect quiz scores and points seamlessly with MailerLite integration, allowing you to form personalized email copies that speak directly to your audience.

🔢 Custom Fields: Fetch all the custom fields directly to QSM, enabling you to capture specific question data in designated custom fields. 

📊 Result-Driven Tagging: Assign tags to each submission based on result conditions. Streamline your automation process or use tags as categories in your email copies.

🌈 Use Case:

  1. Educational Institutions: Collect student feedback seamlessly and use tags to categorize performance for targeted communications.

  2. E-commerce Businesses: Understand customer preferences with detailed quiz responses, enhancing product recommendations.

  3. Market Research: Streamline survey data transfer to MailerLite for quick analysis and targeted follow-ups.

🎉 Why MailerLite Integration for your quiz and survey?

  • Easy Data Collection: No tech headaches. No coding. Just a straightforward integration that anyone can do to transfer all the quiz or survey responses to their MailerLite subscriber list.

  • Effortless Customization: Elevate your emails with the richness of quiz insights. Your subscribers will feel like you're speaking directly to them.

  • Time-saving Automation: Focus on creating engaging content while MailerLite Integration automates the email communication for all the quiz or survey submissions.

🚀 Ready to take your quizzes and surveys to the next level? ✨ Get the MailerLite integration now and witness the magic of email marketing unfold!

New feature
3 months ago

✨ Upgrade to New Advanced Timer 2.0 – Ultimate Time Management Solution for your Quiz and Survey! ✨

Dear Quiz Masters,

We're thrilled to announce the release of Advanced Timer 2.0, one of the most-awaited and requested update for QSM WordPress plugin! 🚀 

To enhance your quiz and survey timer experience, this update is a must-have.

What's New in Advanced Timer 2.0?

1️⃣ Six Stylish Timer Faces: Say goodbye to the ordinary! With six new timer face designs and custom color selectors, your quizzes will not only be engaging but also visually stunning. Customize your timers to match your brand, or simply add a splash of creativity.

2️⃣ Per-Page Timers in Minutes and Seconds: Precision matters! Set specific times for each page of your quiz or survey. Whether you're running a quick poll or an in-depth examination, control time seamlessly with Advanced Timer 2.0.

3️⃣ Setting Recovery with One Click: With a single click, restore your settings to default. It's the safety net you've been waiting for.

4️⃣ Warning Pop-ups at 90% Consumption: No more surprises! Participants will receive timely notifications when 90% of their allotted time is used up. Ensure your participants are always in the loop.

5️⃣ Custom Warning Times for Per-Page Timers: Set your own custom warning times for per-page timers. Warn your users with precision and keep them on track.

6️⃣ Enhanced UI for Seamless Navigation: A fresh look for a smoother experience! Our enhanced user interface ensures better navigation and controls, making Advanced Timer 2.0 a joy to use.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your quizzes and surveys with these incredible features. Update now and witness the difference!

If you haven't experienced the power of Advanced Timer yet, there's never been a better time to join the community. Unlock a world of possibilities, and make your quizzes and surveys stand out!