Recent updates from QSM
Feb 23, 2021

Released version 7.1.12

  • Bug: Fixed prevention of SQL injection while using result shortcode and question bank.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of broken [latex] shortcode in result and user dashboard page.
  • Enhancement: Added option to end the quiz if answer is wrong.
  • Enhancement: Added option to turn off the HTML auto complete.
  • Enhancement: Modified background color to fix contrast ratios from SEO perspective
Jan 27, 2021

Released version 7.1.11

  •  Bug: Fixed Jquery issue while editing the result page.
  •  Bug: Added string translation for %POLL_RESULTS_X% variable.
  •  Bug: Fixed incorrect score while using point value with decimal.
  •  Enhancement: Added link support in contact field label.
  •  Enhancement: Added HTML support in email tab.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to add link in Hint field.
  •  Enhancement: Added support for HTML tags in Correct answer info field.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to view roadmap
  •  Enhancement: Added option to delete questions from database.
  •  Enhancement: Changed the quiz status by default to Draft.
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