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Released Addons

🧩  Addons

We have released the following addon's updates. This version update contains the following features and bug fixes that make QSM more secure:

📊 Report and Analysis (2.0.6)

  • Bug: Fixed the issue when displaying the chart on the result page URL

📧 Mailchimp Integration (1.3.0)

  • Feature: added the option to tag values from contact fields.

👨🏻‍🏫 Quiz Proctor (1.0.2)

  • Bug: Fixed issue with notification of plugin updates
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Released Core 8.1.19 and Addons

Core 8.1.19

We have released QSM Core version 8.1.19. This version update contains the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes that make QSM more secure:

  • Feature: Added an option to display result URLs on the admin result page
  • Enhancements: Improved quiz timer performance
  • Enhancements: Added a user alert message for cases where results will not be stored in the database
  • Bug: Resolved Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability

🧩  Addons

Save and Resume (1.1.4)

  • Bug: Fixed Nonce validation issue

Export Results (1.5.5)

  • Feature: Addon option to export user email
  • Bug: Fixed issue while images are not showing in export PDF

Simple popup (1.1.4)

  • Bug: Fixed JS error while using popup shortcode after wp_footer hook

Reporting and Analysis (2.0.5)

  • Enhancement : Added option to highlight correct answer
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Release QSM Core 8.1.17

We have released QSM Core version 8.1.17. This version update contains the following features and bug fixes that give you more security:

  • Feature: Added option to include custom text when the answer choice limit exceeds in multiple response type questions.
  • Feature: Added a new feature to accept shortcodes in the text set to display at the end of quizzes.
  • Bug: Fixed issues with HTML tags in exported PDFs
  • Bug: Fixed issues with HTML tags in question descriptions
  • Bug: Fixed issue with the 'Required box' unchecking itself
  • Bug: Patched a vulnerability related to draft quiz submissions
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🌟 Introducing Quiz Proctor to Secure Your Online Quizzes and Exams

🚀 Conduct Secure and Fair Online Exams with the all New Quiz Proctor 

Think of a virtual monitor in the world of online quizzes who helps you maintain fairness, security, and engagement in your quizzes. It prevents answer copying, takes snapshots of the quiz taker during the quiz (without invading privacy), monitors the quiz taker's tab to prevent distractions, and keeps the quiz taker focused on the quiz in full-screen mode. 

🔑 Key Features & Benefits:

✅ Prevent Cheating: Maintain the integrity of your assessments and ensure a level playing field for all participants.

📸 Capture Snapshots: Gain real-time insights into quiz-taker behavior, allowing you to tailor your teaching and feedback.

🔄 Tab Switching Tracking: Keep participants focused by preventing them from wandering off into other tabs during assessments.

🖥️ Full-Screen Mode: Create a distraction-free assessment environment, enhancing concentration and accuracy.

🎯 Customizable Settings: Tailor Quiz Proctor to your unique needs, giving you complete control over your quizzes.

💬 Personalized Feedback: Access violation reports to offer personalized feedback to individuals who struggled during the assessment, identifying specific areas of difficulty and providing guidance for improvement.

✍🏽 Improve Assessment Design: Use violation reports to identify patterns and refine your assessments for the future.

Get ready to enhance your assessments and provide invaluable insights.

Check out our comprehensive documentation for Quiz Proctor and get the Quiz Proctor addon to take your online assessments to the next level!

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Themes and Add-ons Update

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our themes and add-ons, packed with amazing features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here's what's new:

🎛️  Themes

Fortune (1.1.0):

  • Feature: Now you can display page names in quizzes using manual paging!
  • Enhancement: Improved messaging for file upload questions
  • Enhancement: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) language support

Pool (1.1.0):

  • Enhancement: The start button position now auto-paginates smoothly
  • Enhancement: Enhanced messaging for file upload questions
  • Enhancement: Right-to-Left (RTL) language support is now improved

Pixel (1.1.0):

  • Enhancement: improved layouts for date, polar, and advanced question types
  • Enhancement: Better messaging for file upload questions
  • Enhancement: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) language support

Breeze (1.1.1), Sigma (1.1.0), Sapience (1.1.0), Fragrance (1.1.0), and Ivory (1.1.0):

  • Enhancement: Enhanced messaging for file upload questions
  • Enhancement: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) language support

🧩 Addons

Payment Integration (1.0.12):

  • Bug fix: We've resolved the issue where non-logged-in users could skip the payment process

Export-Import (2.0.3):

  • Bug fix: We've fixed the problem with the question's required field when importing questions

User dashboard (2.0.1):

  • Bug fix: No more PHP warnings on the quiz page

Report and Analysis (2.0.4):

  • Issue resolved: No more conflicts with the Fortune theme

🌟 Update your themes and add-ons today and unlock a world of possibilities with security!

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Addons Released

We released the following feature and bug fix in the addons listed below:

Certificate add-on (1.1.3)

- Bug: Fixed an issue with the background image in the certificate

Flashcard ( 1.2.0 )

- Feature: added the option to assign points to answers to flashcards.

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Addons Released

We have released following bug fixes and enhancements for following addons:

Logic Add-on ( 2.1.2 )
- Bug: Fixed validation logic for required question

Advance Timer ( 1.2.0 )
- Feature: Added per page timer with auto pagination

Extra template variable ( 1.2.1 )
- Feature: Added %COUNT_UNATTEMPTED% variable to display the count of unattempted questions

Export Result ( 1.5.3 )
- Feature: Added option to export IP addresses
- Bug: Fixed the issue where the same PDF was generated repeatedly during result downloads

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Release QSM Core 8.1.16

We have released QSM Core version 8.1.16. This version update contains the following bug fixes and enhancements.

* Feature: Added option to use random question and answer with manual pagination
* Bug: Fix quiz score calculation issue with file upload question types
* Enhancement: Improved nonce validation logic

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Release QSM Core 8.1.15, Add-ons & Themes

We have released QSM core version 8.1.15. This update contains following enhancement and bug fixes:
* Bug: Fixed issue causing numeric responses of 0 to display as "No Answer Provided" in emails
* Bug: Fixed issue with next button while using manual pagination
* Bug: Fixed WPML issue with retake and start buttons
* Bug: Fixed custom CSS issue
* Enhancement: Improve file upload question type functionality
* Enhancement: Improve nonce validation logic
* Enhancement: Improved RTL (Right-to-Left) layout support

We have also released enhancements and big fixes for the following themes and extensions

Advance question type (1.0.6)
* Bug : Fixed matching pair layout on the result page for image answer type
* Enhancement : Added RTL (Right-to-Left) layout support

Theme Ivory(1.0.9) 
* Bug: Resolved the problem with license validation during migration
* Enhancement: Improved UI layout of buttons and image type questions
* Enhancement: Improved first page UI and progress bar
* Enhancement: Improved UI of Advanced Type question
* Enhancement: Improved default colour scheme for theme elements

Theme Pool (1.0.9)
* Enhancement: Improved front page UI
* Enhancement: Improved theme header and buttons layout
* Enhancement: Improved layout of image and advance questions type
* Enhancement: Improved layout of progress bar for all options setting

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QSM Google Sheets 2.1.7

We are excited to announce the latest update for the QSM Google Sheets addon, available today! 🚀

In this new version, we've introduced a highly requested feature: the ability to export individual question points effortlessly. 📊✨ This enhancement aims to provide you with even greater flexibility and convenience in managing your data with QSM. We hope you find this addition valuable in your work with our addon. Thank you for your continued support! 🙌😊