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Jul 29, 2021

Release 7.3

QSM Core 7.3.0

  • Feature: Added option to add multiple categories to single question.
  • Feature: Added option to display quiz results based on category points.
  • Enhancement: Extended category based template variables to support multiple categories.
  • Bug: Fixed issue with quiz duplication.

    This release includes a number of features related to question categories.
    Please check the following document to learn more about these features
Cards (3)
Assign multiple categories to a question
Quiz results based on category points
Delete or rename existing question categories
Jul 15, 2021

Addons Released

Save and Resume 1.0.7

Bug: Fixed issue with multiple occurring prompt.

PDF Generation 1.0.3

Bug: Fixed issue with wrong update notifications.

Google sheets connector 2.0.8

Bug: Fixed issue custom contact field not importing in google sheets.

Logic 2.0.4

Bug: Fixed issue with saving conditions in results and email tab.

Google Analytics 1.0.2

Enhancement: Support for Google Analytics 4

Export Import 1.0.5

Enhancement: Added support for logic addon above 2.0.0 and qsm themes

Reporting Analysis 1.4.1

Bug: Fixed issue error while exporting quizzes with custom contact field

Added translation support for following addons

  • Save and Resume
  • PDF Generation
  • Google Analytics
  • Active campaign
  • Advanced Leaderboard
  • Aweber Integration
  • Convert kit integration
  • Campaign monitor integration
  • Reporting Analysis


Jul 14, 2021

Release version 7.2.2

QSM Core Version 7.2.2

* Feature: Implemented multiple fill in the blanks support.
* Feature: Implemented new template variable %TIMER_SECONDS% to show left over seconds.
* Feature: Implemented new option to limit number of questions per category.
* Bug: Fixed issue with template variable %AMOUNT_INCORRECT%.
* Bug: Fixed issue of undefined index notice of facebook app id.
* Bug: Fixed issue with saving conditions in email and results tab.
* Bug: Fixed issue of WordPress database error notice on fresh installation.
* Bug: Fixed issue with validation on retake quiz

Jun 25, 2021

Release version 7.2.1

QSM Core Version 7.2.1

* Bug: Fixed layout issues with rtl languages.
* Bug: Fixed issue of user comments not appearing on admin result page.
* Bug: Fixed issue with recaptcha not appearing on random quiz.

Jun 21, 2021

Quiz themes have arrived

We have released QSM 7.2 today and along with it the wait for quiz themes is finally over.

We are shipping four brand new themes today which you can install just like another addon and change the appearance of your quizzes instantly.

Here are some screenshots showing what's inside the box.

Check out the demos of all themes using below links

Breeze Theme -->
Fragrance Theme -->
Ivory Theme -->
Pool Theme -->


QSM Core 7.2.0

* Feature: Introduced QSM Themes.
* Feature: Introduced image type answers.
* Bug: Fixed issue where there is an empty last page while using auto pagination

Advanced Timer 1.0.3
* Bug: Fixed the issue with popup being visible after pausing timer.

Save Resume 1.0.6 
* Bug: Fixed compatibility issue with php8.
* Bug: Fixed issue with loading quiz using rich text options.

EDD integration 2.0.5
* Bug: Fixed the issue of HTML links not rendering properly in EDD messages.
* Bug: Fixed the issue of quiz visible to non-logged in users.

User dashboard  1.1.12
*Bug: Fixed issue with next button disappearing on quiz while using user dashboard shortcode

Cards (2)
User Experience
Quiz Themes

Easily change the look and feel of your quiz, survey or form by downloading and installing various QSM themes. 

User Experience
Picture Quiz

Having the chance to use images in both questions and answers? For example for "picture quiz" like "which of these ones is a dinosaur?" and N image answers.

May 31, 2021

Release version 7.1.18

Bug: Fixed recently discovered security issues

May 28, 2021

Release version 7.1.17

QSM Core - 7.1.17

Bug: Fixed the issue where page title shows Nan:Nan:Nan on reload.

Bug: Fixed the issue when editing duplicate questions updates original questions.

[Addon] - QSM Export Results - 1.4.6

Bug: Fixed the issue of custom contact fields ignored in export file.

[Addon] - QSM Logic - 2.0.3

Bug: Fixed the issue with multi level quiz.

Bug: Fixed the issue logic rules not working on retake quiz

May 07, 2021

Addons Released

QSM Certificate - 1.0.12

- Bug: Fixed issue of missing certificates after update

QSM User Dashboard - 1.1.11

- Bug: Updated certificate urls as per QSM Certificate 1.0.12

Apr 29, 2021

Release version 7.1.16

QSM Core - 7.1.16

* Bug: Fixed the issue with Facebook share.

* Bug: Fixed issue with timer starting on intro page.

* Bug: Fixed pagination issue with multiple quizzes on same page.

* Bug: Fixed issue with tiny-mce causing conflict with other plugins.

* Bug: Fixed the issue of logic rules not being copied when duplicating quiz.

* Feature: Added rich textbox for correct answer information.

* Feature: Added additional condition for Email template for different answers.

[Addon] - QSM Advanced Timer - 1.0.2

Bug: Fixed warning message overlapping submit button

Bug: Fixed license validation logic.

Feature: Added translation support.

[Addon] - QSM Flashcards -  1.1.2

Bug: Fixed the issue of multiple Flashcards not working on same page.

Bug: Fixed license validation logic.

Feature: Added translation support

[Addon] - QSM Logic - 2.0.2

Bug: Fixed the issue of save button not working when trying to add a rule with answer 0

Bug: Fixed the issue of additional input box with short answer and number question type.

Bug: Fixed issues with logic rules when duplicating quiz.

Feature: Added additional condition for Email template for different answers.

[Addon] - User Dashboard - 1.1.10

Feature: Added result id support

[Addon] - QSM Certificate 1.0.11

Feature: Implemented Translation support.

Bug: Fixed inability to embed font by URL

Apr 16, 2021

Released Addon: QSM Logic 2.0.1

  • Fixed problems while upgrading database on auto updating plugins