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User Experience

Quiz Themes

Easily change the look and feel of your quiz, survey or form by downloading and installing various QSM themes. 

February 2021

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[New Question Type] Match the given options

User Experience

Performance enhancements

  • Faster quiz results
  • Handling multiple quiz submissions
  • Handling quiz with hundreds of questions



WooCommerce Integration

Integrate the plugin with WooCommerce, so that one can receive payments before people take the quiz


Quiz results based on category points

User Experience

Web Accessibility

User Experience

Global default settings for quiz options

Add ability to set global defaults for quiz options. Whenever a user creates new quiz, the options will be set as per global defaults automatically. Options can be changed later on as per normal process.

Customer Request
Last updated 9 days ago
Recently completed
End of the test if there is a wrong answer

The user cannot see rest of the questions if he gives a wrong answer.

Completed 26th February 2021
User Experience
Draft Mode

When you create a new quiz, the default status should be set to Draft. Once you have added all the options, you can hit the Publish button to make the quiz public

Completed 28th January 2021
User Experience
Delete questions permanently

Deleting questions from the quiz should also delete them from the database

Completed 28th January 2021
User Experience
Ability to add HTML in email templated
Completed 28th January 2021
User Experience
User friendly export/import
Completed 15th October 2020
Feb 23, 2021

Released version 7.1.12

  • Bug: Fixed prevention of SQL injection while using result shortcode and question bank.
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of broken [latex] shortcode in result and user dashboard page.
  • Enhancement: Added option to end the quiz if answer is wrong.
  • Enhancement: Added option to turn off the HTML auto complete.
  • Enhancement: Modified background color to fix contrast ratios from SEO perspective
Jan 27, 2021

Released version 7.1.11

  •  Bug: Fixed Jquery issue while editing the result page.
  •  Bug: Added string translation for %POLL_RESULTS_X% variable.
  •  Bug: Fixed incorrect score while using point value with decimal.
  •  Enhancement: Added link support in contact field label.
  •  Enhancement: Added HTML support in email tab.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to add link in Hint field.
  •  Enhancement: Added support for HTML tags in Correct answer info field.
  •  Enhancement: Added option to view roadmap
  •  Enhancement: Added option to delete questions from database.
  •  Enhancement: Changed the quiz status by default to Draft.
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