New feature
Jun 29, 2022

v1.14.0 - Changelog

  1. Added: Add new configuration button. 
  2. Added: Faster wp-admin magic login.
  3. Added: Add tags to sites.
  4. Added: Edit team member role.
  5. Added: Generate Fake data via Configurations.
  6. Added: Notifications settings introduction.
  7. Added: Copy site button in Shared templates.
  8. Added: Added 30min and 1hr settings to Shared template sites lifetime (credits Jamie, Pootlepress)
  9. Added: Tooltips
  10. Fixed: Template sync error when parent site has been deleted.
  11. Fixed: Fixed Typos
  12. Fixed: Site limit incorrectly identified for template sites. 
  13. Fixed: Support for multiple URLs in ARTIFACT_URL parameter for Github Actions. 
  14. Fixed: Removed unnecessary HTTP headers. 
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User Experience
Site Tags

Add "tags" to sites and then use them to filter the list of sites. 

Faster wp-admin logins

Quicker wp-admin auto login experience.

Fake Data Generator

Auto populate a WordPress site with fake posts, pages and other content for quick testing needs.

New feature
Jun 06, 2022

June Update

Clone a Site

Drag and Drop .zip files or paths on active sites.

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Clone a Site

Clone a site into a new one. 

Drag & Drop .zip on WP Instances

Simply drag and drop .zip file on running WP instance inside the InstaWP interface and see the magic.

New feature
May 10, 2022

Git Integration

Integrate with any Git provider to connect your plugin/theme repos with InstaWP templates. When creating a new site from template, your git repo will automatically be pulled. 

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Git Integrations

Integrate with any Git provider to connect your plugin/theme repos with InstaWP templates. When creating a new site from template, your git repo will automatically be pulled. 

Github Actions

Automatically setup a test environment for your plugin/theme every time a github PR is merged.

New feature
Apr 05, 2022

Migrate to Any Hosting Provider

You can now migrate to any hosting provider of your Choice. Select "Migrate" option in the site dropdown. 

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Migrate to Any Host

Provide a way to migrate your InstaWP site to any hosting provider (10+ providers). 

New feature
Feb 26, 2022

Templates 2.0 + PHP 8.1 & more..

  • PHP 8.1 support
  • Database Interaction via Admin
  • Template v2.0 Support - Completely different way to share a template outside. (video soon)
  • Instant Template
  • Native Multisite Support
  • Team Member Permission Issue Fix

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Increase Engagement
Templates 2.0

Easy way to show your plugin / theme demos to your users. 

User Experience
Interact with Database

I migrated a site to InstaWP, but need to change the SiteURL and Home paths in the wp_options to test things out.  

Jan 31, 2022

Enterprise Features

We have launched 2 most-asked Enterprise features. 

  1. Whitelabel Domains - New sites will be launched as This can be configured on per team basis. 
  2. Dedicated Server - You can have your own server for all WP launches, your private space right inside InstaWP.
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Whitelabel Domains

Create WP sites with your own domain for example -

New feature
Jan 01, 2022

Export as LocalWP

Export your InstaWP instances to a .zip file ready to be imported into LocalWP. Imagine your workflow be like: 

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LocalWP Support

Export a clone from InstaWP ready to be imported in LocalWP by simply dragging to it.

New feature
Dec 01, 2021

Chrome Extension

We have a brand new Chrome Extension which allows you to launch new WP sites with pre-install plugins or themes. Something like this:

Link to download Chrome Extension: 

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Chrome Extension

On plugin or theme pages, automatically launch plugins from within the pages.

New feature
Nov 01, 2021

Team Support

You can now create teams and add team members to your dashboard. This feature is very useful for a small to large agency or enterprise. 

A team member inherits all the properties of the team owner so your team automatically gets to play with all "pro" features. 

Adding a team member


Team Switcher


New feature
Oct 01, 2021


Create various configuration which can be used as "canvas" for your WP launches. You can set various PHP & WP variables as shown below:

PHP Settings 

WP Settings


You can create multiple of such configurations and select them while launching a new WP site.

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Launch with Plugin and Theme slugs
Finer PHP Settings