New feature
Feb 02, 2022

New Dashboard, Email Customization and more..


With this update you will see a brand new dashboard for your connected Forms, something like this:

We have also provided a fully featured Email Customization Tool for our "pro" users. With this customizer tool, you can re-brand invitation emails and make sure that your brand / institute shines among your users / students. 

To access this feature, open any form, go Invitation Message and click on Customize template, here is a screenshot of that:

Along with these awesome new features, our checkout process has been re-vamped. You will now get an option to pay via Google Pay too :-)

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User Experience

Provide a summarized view of forms, responses and last 10 responses on a "Dashboard"

Dec 08, 2021

Release Score Manually

With the latest release you can now release or update score for a form at a later stage. If you have a short answer or a long answer question, you can add a score after the student has submitted the form and update the score. New score will be reflected in Extended Forms. 

New feature
Aug 10, 2021

Control Responses Based on Date & Time

We have completed one of the most requested feature - control responses based on Start and Stop timer for Extended Forms. 

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User Experience
Control responses based on date & time

Show a start and end date/time for the form to accept responses

New feature
Jun 24, 2021

Short URLs & Vanity URLs

We have enabled Short URL for your Forms and vanity urls which you can customize. 

Open form and click on "Share" icon.


Please note: This feature is available in paid plans. 

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Human friendly short URLs
New feature
May 24, 2021

Anonymous Submission

You can now create forms with Anonymous submission. Go to Form > Settings (from the dashboard or the addon settings page) and change the Share Form settings to "Anonymous". 

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User Experience
Allow submission without email
May 15, 2021

Fixed Auto Submit Timer

We have finally managed to fix the auto submit bug many users have told us about. It was indeed a nasty bug but its solved not, if you have any questions or if the issue still persists, email us at [email protected]

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User Experience
Auto Submit On Expiry

Provide a proper auto submission of form after timer has expired and an option to allow users to submit form even after expiry.

Apr 14, 2021

Customize Welcome and Invitation Texts

You can now customize welcome screen and invitation email texts through Extended Forms dashboard. To do this, open your Form and click on "..." menu. 

Select Welcome or Invitation message and type your text. 

This text will be seen on the email your students or users will receive when you invite them for test. You can also change the text for welcome screen just before the timer starts. 

Note: This feature is only available on paid plans (open to view all plans).

New feature
Jan 19, 2021

Filter, Sort and Search

We have released a nifty little feature using which you can filter, sort or search form responses from within the extended forms interface. 


Jan 06, 2021

Export CSV & Other Improvements

This is a minor improvement release with one of the most requested feature - Export CSV. 

  • Added: Export CSV 
  • Fix: Score was not calculating properly for multiple checkbox based question types in Google Form
  • Fix: Better Admin & Form Navigation 

Next up

  • View response directly from Extended Forms
  • Filter and sort form responses
  • Response Analytics 
New feature
Oct 07, 2020

Score Submission

With today's release, you will be able to import your users' score into Extended Forms. If you have created a "quiz" type form, we will auto detect the total score and store it in the database.

Not only this, if you have linked a form to classroom and used the classroom feature via Extended Forms, we will auto import the score into the classwork for your students!

Note: For forms already created with extended forms, simply open the Addon Menu > Extended Forms again inside your form and click on Save.

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Increase Engagement
Classroom Score Import